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ABC International releases new video featuring Boom headrest

boom headrest

ABC International has launched a new video demonstrating the benefits of its new Boom headrest product.

The company’s headrest ensures an orthopaedic posture of the neck and nape, leading to an uninterrupted sleep. The Italian cabin solutions specialist says the headrest can be adjusted to various positions as desired throughout the flight.

Aysegul Durak, the designer of Boom headrest  is a former cabin interior chief engineer for Turkish Airlines and has over 24 years of experience in aircraft cabin configuration and improvement focused on passenger satisfaction. “While sitting, the passengers require arm support, therefore the seats provide armrest.

“Considering the head is just as essential, why do today’s headrests do not provide effective support for the head including the nape and neck? Boom Headrest is designed to meet the current unfulfilled demand of passengers”, she commented.

The company says standard seat headrests don’t usually provide the same comfort as portable orthopaedic pillows and do not have the nape or neck support as they only allow the head to lean on the back or wings (side supports), leading to passengers using orthopaedic pillows during flights.

“Gooseneck”, the multifunctional mechanism within the headrest, provides passengers with various neck and head support options during the flight by applying a light pressure on the arms to bring the headrest into a desired position.

In addition to comfort, weight is another essential key design factor and, to have the lightest headrest in the market, ABC International used aeronautic state-of-the-art materials and processes. The main structure of the Boom headrest is manufactured in aluminium alloy with steel and polyamide inserts, which is designed to grant long life material functionality, integrity and uniformity, despite the intensive use of the mechanism.

The headrest can be installed on any seat either on retrofit or linefit conditions and represents a low-cost solution for both airlines and seat OEMs to improve cabin experience.

You can view the video here.

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