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Aegean Airlines unveils Airbus A320neo in new livery

Airbus Α320neo

Aircraft Cabin Management reports from Athens as Aegean Airlines unveils its first A320neo in a new livery.

The A320neo aircraft is powered by the advanced Pratt & Whitney GTF engines and in the cabin, the aircraft will have a new seating configuration. It accommodates 6-14 extra passenger seats per aircraft type. The new seats combine ergonomics, reduced weight, extra comfort and modern aesthetics and passengers will be provided with reusable or fully recycled service kits.

The aircraft has up to two hours additional flight time, enabling the carrier to fly to new destinations.

Inflight technology

The new aircraft will be equipped with new technologies for multimedia and entertainment such as USB chargers, personal device holders, wireless wi-fi on board and unlimited wi-fi internet access. Aegean says the A320neos will provide an excellent platform for developing new digital services.

The new aircraft has strong environmental merits, consuming 15-20 per cent less fuel and emitting 50 per cent less CO2 emissions per passenger seat when compared to Aegean’s fleet in first years of operation.

Reducing fuel consumption

Aegean acknowledges the impact of climate change as one of the biggest global challenges and is taking measures to guarantee that its operations are as environmentally safe as possible. The airline’s emissions reduction programme includes initiatives such as reducing fuel consumption, making better use of aircraft and reducing noise as well as replacing its fleet with the new state-of-the-art Airbus320neos.

So far, Aegean says it has succeeded in reducing fuel consumption through actions such as replacing seats and trolleys onboard with new lightweight technology, recycling used materials from aircraft maintenance to passenger service and minimising water and paper consumption on ground activities.

In addition, Aegean is implementing an inflight recycling programme. The new A320neo and A321neo aircraft will be equipped with recycled or reusable materials. Disposable plastics use will be reduced and more sustainable practices adopted.

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