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Brussels Airlines releases ‘designer’ amenity kits

Brussels Airlines has followed an industry trend and introduced ‘designer’ amenity kits for Business Class passengers.

The kits, have been developed with three top local artisans. Therese are ​Griet Aesaert of handbag label Aesaert, ​Artist Elisia Poelman and skin care expert and founder of Nomige, ​Dr Barbara Geusens.

The kits are planned to be given out for two years, with a change of colour every six months.

“A collaboration with three independent entrepreneurs fits perfectly. It also underlines our ‘Belgitude’, where we show the world the best of Belgium”, says Sandy Coenen, Inflight Product Equipment Manager at Brussels Airlines. “These three ladies understood perfectly what we need. They were so enthusiast and had such a positive attitude during each interaction we had. They have different backgrounds, and a shared passion for design, style, and comfort. They created a unique collector’s item.”

​Each business class passenger on Brussels Airlines’ long haul flights to sub-Saharan Africa and the United States will soon be presented with the kits.



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