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Burrana launches Rise inflight entertainment platform

Burrana: Rise platform

Burrana has unveiled its latest and what it claims to be its most powerful inflight entertainment platform.

The Rise platform consists of hardware, software, apps, and services which can be scaled up or down depending on aircraft type and business need.

Enabled by shared hardware and a common 48VDC power backbone, it can be configured to include seatback, wireless, or overhead entertainment, as well as in-seat power – or any desired combination of these.

All the displays are 4K Ultra High Definition (UHD) resolution and feature High Dynamic Range (HDR), large amounts of local storage, and robust processing power, packaged in a very thin and modern design.

Each seatback display also supports integrated single-pin audio, Bluetooth, Near Field Communication (NFC), and the airline’s choice between USB-C or the industry’s highest power USB-A offering.

Rise leverages crowd-sourced data and intelligent algorithms to deliver a dynamic entertainment experience that adapts to the passenger as they use it.

Targeted advertisements, a powerful recommendation engine, and comprehensive accessibility settings will provide passengers an intuitive and unique IFE experience, according to Burrana.

Rise also offers numerous ultra-high-speed content loading options, easier maintenance, and is 30 per cent lighter than competitive solutions.

The platform will be available for retrofit on single and twin-aisle aircraft starting Q1 2021 and available for linefit installations shortly thereafter.

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