Emirates selects Thales AVANT Up for A350 fleet

Emirates has selected the new Thales’ AVANT Up system for its fleet of Airbus A350 aircraft, scheduled for delivery in 2024.

The airline’s investment of over $350 million will see its 50-strong fleet of A350s equipped with Thales’ AVANT Up system which features Optiq 4k QLED HDR displays – the only aircraft displays using Samsung’s QLED technology.

The new system from Thales will also provide an enhanced ‘live’ television solution that offers a broader choice of live television and news in the highest available definition at 40,000 feet.

Enhanced passenger connectivity will be supported by Optiq – the first smart display in the industry to offer two Bluetooth connections, built-in Wi-Fi for passengers to pair multiple devices including phones, tablets, headphones or even game controllers, while supporting up to 60 watts USB-C to fast-charge personal devices.

Emirates has also chosen a variety of AVANT Up digital services, including highly integrated personalisation features, expanded personal electronic device (PED) capabilities, and user interface enhancements which also enable visually impaired passengers to have an immersive experience.

Emirates is also the first airline globally to select Thales’ Pulse, a patented power management technology which will ensure that charging performance will be unaffected no matter how many users are charging their devices at the same time.

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