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SkyPaxxx selects Sky Tiles for ExpressJet carpet refurb

SkyPaxxx Interior Repairs has announced that Sky Tiles will be the exclusive aircraft carpet installed on the ExpressJet ERJ 145 fleet operated by United Express.

Rigorous testing

After two years of rigorous operational testing, SkyPaxxx reports that Sky Tiles has proven to be a superior carpet with zero defects and discrepancies.

The Jacksonville, Florida-based company says not only has Sky Tiles provided an aesthetic upgrade to the cabin, but the switch has also eliminated shrinking, fraying and edge curl.

Sky-Tiles carpet will be fitted on ExpressJet’s E145 fleet

With an industry- exclusive appearance guarantee, Sky Tiles is also providing ExpressJet with significant cost reductions and maintenance efficiencies in a 100 per cent recyclable carpet.

“This is a tremendous success story for innovation in aircraft interiors and the environment created by the dedication of the ExpressJet, United Express, and SkyPaxxx team,” commented president of SkyPaxxx Rick Lockhart.

Manager of corporate communications for ExpressJet Airlines  Matthew Parsons said the new carpet will contribute significantly to the updated aesthetic and overall comfort onboard for passengers: “We are excited to be upgrading our E145 aircraft interiors with Sky-Tiles,” he added.

North America is likely to contribute a relatively high revenue share to the aviation carpet sector, owing to the fleet size of the regional market.

A high demand

SkyPaxxx Interior Repairs reports that it is the fastest-growing FAA/EASA repair station with a client base that includes large network carriers, regional airlines leasing companies and VIP operators.

In order to meet the ever-increasing demand for high-quality in the cabin, in recent years manufacturers’ and material suppliers of aviation carpets are placing greater focus on research and development activities to develop innovative and efficient carpeting products.

Carpets and other floor coverings in the aviation sector are often developed with special attention given to material, design, durability and ease of maintenance.

Aviation carpets should not only enhance the aesthetic value, but also improve noise absorption and dampening of vibration.

More information about Skypaxxx is available here.

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