FACC has delivered its first complete entrance area for the A320 airspace cabin.

    In a statement, it said that for more than 25 years, Airbus has ordered a major portion of the passenger cabin of its A320 family exclusively from FACC, with the implementation of the complete cabin FACC is expanding its partnership.

    In mid-2018, Airbus commissioned FACC to develop and produce the entrance area of the Airspace cabin for the A320 models. After an “intensive development phase”, the first article parts have now been delivered to Airbus in Hamburg. Immediately after the first delivery, FACC will start the ramp-up of serial production.

    “Airbus has placed its trust in FACC for the interiors of its A320 models. We have been working together as close partners for several years. I am delighted that we will be able to start series production shortly after delivery of this innovative interior solution that is new to the FACC product portfolio,” said FACC AG CEO, Robert Machtlinger.

    He added that the development work was carried out according to a tight schedule and considered “very complex.”

    The cabin solution comprises the entire lining of the entrance and door area in the front, middle and rear sections of the aircraft. Through an integration of the lighting system, called “Hero Light” and newly introduced by Airbus in the airspace cabin, a “completely unique and pleasant interior atmosphere” is created for the passengers – and this throughout from the entrance area via the main cabin to the rear service area of the aircraft cabin.

    It also says that some things remain hidden to passengers from the outside which will allow maintenance times of aircraft technicians can be kept to a minimum, which in turn further increases the competitiveness of the aircraft.

    “The new concept enables us to significantly reduce service costs for our customers. In addition, we have geared the component design of the entrance area towards high volumes and modern production processes. The Airbus and FACC teams worked together perfectly during the entire development phase,” added FACC AG vice-president of cabin interiors, Andreas Furthmayr.

    The first shipset comprising an Airspace entrance area and Hero Lights has now been delivered to Airbus in Hamburg, where it will be installed in a serial aircraft under the supervision of FACC. This is followed by the ramp-up of series production.