Geven and PriestmanGoode unveil new “passenger centric” seating

Aircraft seat and interiors supplier Geven has unveiled a new line of “passenger centric” seating in partnership with design studio PriestmanGoode.

Presented at this year’s virtual Aircraft Interiors Expo, the new ‘Materia’ seating allows for airline customisation and easy configurability for different aircraft types, the pair said.

The new family of seating also offers “functionality” and “cleanliness of design contours” and embraces “Italy’s unparalleled heritage of exquisite craftsmanship and timeless design”.

Geven’s RD manager Pasquale Rapullini said: “Materia is the second seat model of the next generation platform which embodies our passenger centric philosophy. Our goal is to provide the passenger with an experience of comfort and wellness while seated. All seat features and options have concentrated on achieving this goal.

“Adopting cutting edge technical solutions allows the enhanced living space and high level of comfort built into the seat. Composite materials to reach ergonomic profiles, pressure release wave system, innovative tablet holder and new cushion technologies are just some of the features introduced on Materia.”

According to the two companies, materials for the seating were selected to give “an enhanced sense of quality” with details such as wood inlays, leather and infused plastics.

The seat also features an integrated “class-leading” monitor for in-flight entertainment, with an additional storage shelf beneath. End bays feature detailing that wraps around the back shell to give the feeling of a fully connected seat.

PriestmanGoode’s design director Daniel Macinnes said: “Our partnership with Geven combines their technical expertise with our design knowledge and our combined insight into customer experience. We began working on this next generation of seats in September 2020. What we have achieved in that time is testament to the outstanding capabilities of both teams, and shows that great collaborations can lead to great innovation. The next-generation seats provide Geven with a strong offer to support the aviation industry as we start to move towards recovery.

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