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El Al chooses Bluebox for wireless inflight entertainment

Israeli flag carrier El Al has selected Bluebox Aviation Systems to provide wireless inflight entertainment (IFE) across 26 of its Boeing 737 aircraft.

El Al will deploy Bluebox’s digital services platform on the battery-operated Bluebox Wow wireless streaming system. The solution will offer El Al passengers a selection of movies, TV programmes, games, and a moving map, all streamed to their own devices.

In addition to the Bluebox Wow wireless IFE deployment, El Al will be renewing its deployment of Bluebox enabled iPads, pre-loaded with early window IFE content, and enhanced to enable access to content available on the Bluebox Wow wireless system.

“El Al is returning its fleet to the air with an invigorated commitment to our digital capabilities to ensure the most positive passenger experience on board,” said El Al’s head of inflight entertainment and connectivity Tal Kalderon.

“Before the pandemic we committed to an innovation path towards connectivity, and though still on that path, we’ve realised that with Bluebox’s wireless IFE, we don’t need to wait to deliver the digital service we aspire to for our passengers – we can do that now.”

Bluebox’s CEO Kevin Clark commented: “As longstanding customers of Bluebox, we’re pleased that Tal and his team have decided to take advantage of the cost and expediency benefits of deploying Bluebox Wow portable wireless IFE as a supplementary phase in their path to connectivity.

“The pandemic expedited a behavioural and expectation shift among passengers – they will expect a level of digital service on board, and yet the practical constraints of engineering certain types of technology onboard aircraft can mean a gap between that expectation and delivery.”

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