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Seamless Air Alliance launches new IFC lab for service quality testing

A new research laboratory has been set up by the Seamless Air Alliance to extend its work on Inflight Connectivity (IFC) performance measurement following the introduction of the IFC Performance Toolkit.

Developed in conjunction with GlobalReach Technology, Riverbed Technology, and Thales Group, the lab is available to all Alliance members who wish to conduct service quality measurements.

Furthermore, using the lab the alliance intends to develop and validate a hardened set of satisfaction indices paramount to predicting IFC service quality.

The Seamless Air Alliance IFC Toolkit is now in airline RFP usage and building a passenger-focused culture among airlines and service providers eager to deliver high-performance connectivity to the masses.

David Scotland, principal product manager for inflight entertainment & connectivity at Alaska Airlines said: “We are excited to work with our suppliers to continuously enhance inflight connectivity. Our common goal is to consistently deliver the best possible connectivity experience to our guests.”

Dana Dymek, director, product marketing and UX, commercial aviation at Intelsat said: “Delivering the highest quality service is a never-ending job. We are proud to partner and are committed to continuous improvement by working with airlines to shape the measures necessary to deliver an excellent passenger experience.”

Commenting on this progress, Jack Mandala, CEO of the Seamless Air Alliance said: “We are thrilled to see airlines and service providers working in harmony to deliver next-level connectivity services using the Seamless Air Alliance IFC Toolkit.”

In recent months, US-based United Airlines, along with industry leaders Inmarsat Aviation and Collins Aerospace have joined the Seamless Air Alliance growing membership base of diverse companies from across the aviation, communications, and technology industries.

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