Well-known Japanese aircraft seating manufacturer Jamco has teamed up with NTT Sonority in a unique R&D project to create what it refers to as a ‘Personalised Sound Zone’.

NTT Sonority is an acoustics technology specialist and is striving to develop a headset-free IFE audio system that has speakers embedded in each headrest in Business or First class seats.

This will create a ‘sound zone’ that surrounds each passenger’s head area, allowing only that individual passenger to hear the audio output and removing the requirement for headphones. At the same time, unlike standard wearable devices, the passenger still can hear in-flight announcements and flight attendants can communicate with each passenger without them removing their headphones.

The system – which Jamco is hoping to launch in 2023 – is currently not suitable for the Economy class cabin, given the closer proximity of the headrests.

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