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KLM uses software to prevent food waste

photo_camera Will new software be effective at preventing food waste, or might passengers go hungry?

Dutch flag-carrier KLM is working on using new software to determine the number of meals on board to help combat food waste. Not all bookings made result in a passenger on board the aircraft. Depending on the class, the airline says that between 3 and 5% of booked passengers do not show up (on time) for the flight.

Software called TRAYS has been developed by Kickstart AI specifically for KLM’s catering activities. The program predicts the number of passengers on board based on historical data. The Meals On Board System (MOBS) receives the expected passenger numbers per flight with separate forecasts for Business, Premium Comfort and Economy classes.

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The prediction using the AI model starts 17 days before departure and continues until 20 minutes before the flight departs. This means the most accurate possible number of passengers is predicted for the entire catering process from purchasing to loading, thus preventing a surplus of meals, (although there is presumably a possibility that some passengers will go hungry).

Sander Stomph, co-founder of Kickstart AI said: “We are pleased that we have been able to make a valuable contribution to this important project for KLM. Our goal with Kickstart AI is to accelerate the adoption of AI in the Dutch business community and we look forward to working closely with Dutch companies to make this happen”.


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