“A home-like cabin”: Teague and NORDAM collaborate to create ‘Elevate’ concept

Did you ever long for a night’s sleep that is so good it feels like you’re actually floating in the sky?

Sadly, we can’t guarantee quite that quality of slumber but thanks to a new collaboration between design and innovation company Teague and aircraft component manufacturer NORDAM you could soon be travelling in the world’s first ‘floating bed’ in the sky.

The ‘Elevate’ concept cabin is the world’s first single-aisle aircraft interior that reimagines the passenger in-flight experience using what Teague refers to as “floating furniture”.

Using NORDAM’s patented ‘Nbrace’ composite seat attachment, Elevate is claimed to offer passengers in single-aisle airliners more space, privacy and comfort in a “home-like cabin”; crucially, without compromising passenger numbers.

To date, innovation in the cabin interior has been limited due to furniture attachment points being in the seat-tracks only. However, Elevate includes sidewall attachments that enable the creation of a lighter and more efficient suite environment that eliminates restrictive structures. It also allows larger beds to be used, creates extra stowage capacity for every passenger and provides a larger floorspace giving a greater sense of openness.

While the concept has been designed to benefit passengers, it also has several unique and important advantages for airlines. It creates a narrowbody passenger experience that matches that of a widebody aircraft (which is important for airlines with mixed fleets) and as the reverse herringbone layout is familiar to passengers and regulatory bodies it is said to achieve market-competitive seat pitch and density (i.e. no reduction in passenger numbers).

According to Teague, the simple design also reduces the need for moving parts such as suite doors and the associated engineering cost and complexity and as the structures are significantly lighter than existing products they help make flights more fuel-efficient and therefore more sustainable.

Teague and NORDAM will be showcasing the Elevate concept during the upcoming Aircraft Interiors Expo 2022 in Hamburg.

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