ABC International helps passengers to fly more safely

ABC International is to enter the B2C market with the launch of an ecommerce platform to promote its own line of  personal protection products for passengers, being marketed as Fly Safe. Inspired by “a true passion for the aviation sector”, the Naples-headquartered company is said to be supporting the industry’s recovery by differentiating its offering and opening an ecommerce shop to sell air travel-related products directly to passengers in order to help revive their confidence in flying.

“In such difficult times we felt the need to come up with a solution not only for our trusted airline partners, but also for the real engine of the industry: the passengers”, commented ABC International CEO Alberto D’Ambrosio. Even though airports and operators have put in place numerous health and safety procedures, passengers still need to regain their own confidence in flying by protecting themselves in aircraft cabins and overcrowded airports halls. To fit this need, ABC international has set up online shopping platform Fly Safe, allowing people to buy products from the comfort of home.


Fly Safe uses advanced material technology to manufacture personal protection essentials for a safe flight and airport transit; products include water-repellent masks, disposable seat covers and a sanitising spray.

“Our Fly Safe products are made available to passengers directly through our ecommerce website and soon they will also be stocked in stores and other alternative channels,” notes D’Ambrosio, adding “we stand by our primary commitment to serve airlines with an outstanding service – the Fly Safe array of products is available on B2B bases too. It can be provided, personalised if required, directly to those airlines adopting cabin safety policies and customised to premium service standards.”

The ecommerce platform is described as only the first step in a long-term and expanding B2C strategy for ABC as it plans to reach additional sales platforms, such as airport duty-free shops and other points of sale close to passengers.

In March, the company released details of its involvement in a design modernisation project that Corsair undertook in 2020 as part of its customer experience enhancement strategy. Beginning with the  design concept, ABC International provided Corsair with a “full package solution”, resulting in a unique branding panel for its cabin.

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