Air Charter Scotland introduces its first Glasgow-based executive jet

Air Charter Scotland, a leading British private jet operator and aircraft management company, is making available a Cessna Citation 525A (CJ2) business jet (G-NOCM) for charter out of Glasgow Airport.

Newly painted by AeroCare and fitted with updated Dual Garmin GTN avionics, a refurbished six-seat interior and performance-enhancing Tamarack ATLASÒ winglets, the aircraft arrived at Air Charter Scotland’s signature flight support private terminal this week in what is being described as “a company first”.

Commenting on the new arrival, Air Charter Scotland COO Derek Thomson said: While we have had our offices at Glasgow for 20 years, we haven’t had an aircraft positioned out of our home [base] since 2008. This is terrific timing for discerning private jet customers, many of them new to charter, responding to the restrictions and reduced scheduled service frequencies brought about by the pandemic.”

He continued: “Light jets are the most popular charter aircraft in the UK right now and this one with its enhanced performance benefits will be a popular addition to our fleet.”

Steven Marshall, interim group head of aviation for AGS Airports, which owns and operates Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton airports, added: “The introduction of Air Charter Scotland’s very first executive jet based at the company’s spiritual home at Glasgow Airport is fantastic news.

“Chartered services have played an important role in providing connectivity for passengers, including key workers, who had to travel by air for essential purposes during the pandemic when scheduled service alternatives were greatly reduced.

“At a time when our industry is facing huge challenges, it’s heartening to see that one of our airport partners is not only expanding its operations, but is doing so with the introduction of a more fuel-efficient aircraft.”  

Enhanced performance aircraft  

The CJ2’s Tamarack active winglets, accentuated with LED lighting, give the aircraft distinctive styling. They were installed for the aircraft’s previous owner by JMI – Jet Maintenance International, Tamarack’s authorised European installation centre at its London Oxford Airport facility last summer.  

Active winglets and transformative ATLASÒ technology gives a wing extension to 55ft 10in and delivers up to 33 per cent fuel savings, increased payload and range.  One major benefit is its ability to climb above the weather quicker, up to 45,000ft and provide a smoother ride throughout. It also gives the aircraft better take-off and landing performance on shorter runways with an 800lbs MZFW increase.

“This the first one on a UK operator’s certificate, but there is growing demand for the Tamarack active winglet installation in the Citation CJ series,” noted JMI director Ed Griffith.  The established Cessna Citation MRO undertook a two-week maintenance check of the aircraft before its placement at Glasgow Airport.

Although commercial airlines have seen a huge decline in passengers in recent months, private aviation is flourishing more than ever, with business jet companies reporting astronomical increases in their enquiries. Air Partner reported a rise in enquiries of 321 per cent last June, while PrivateFly registered an increase of 170 per cent for the month of August alone compared to 2019. Orlando-based company Stratos Jets also reported a 50 per cent increase in bookings last June, July and August, most of them from clients new to private aviation.

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