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New Imagik Quatro coming to AIX

photo_camera IKiPD cockpit

Promotion on behalf of Imagik

When discussing In Seat power, some existing systems have limitations, such as capping the power available in each seat group without the ability to adjust power dynamically, leaving the last person connecting a device with no power at all.


Imagik’s harnesses the capabilities of USB Power Delivery, using our unique patented iPD® intelligent power delivery technology, overcoming these challenges, by ensuring that every connected USB device receives the required power, by negotiating with each one, dynamically adjusting power contracts as needed, ensuring that no user device is ever denied power.
At AIX, we will showcase our new Quatro 1200 patented DC system for USB Type-A and Type-C PD, featuring remarkably lightweight components. We achieved a significant overall weight reduction, with the seat PSU weighing only 0.573 Lbs. /260 gr. with 240 W of power output. Including a full range of unique MCU’s with 2, 4, 6 and 8 zones, covering regional to wide body capable installations.


IK USB C-450

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