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AIX23: RECARO showcases latest seating innovations and sustainability efforts

RECARO Aircraft Seating (RECARO) has unveiled its new PL3810 premium class seat and other sustainability and innovation initiatives at this year’s Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX).

The PL3810 premium seat is the newest addition to RECARO’s portfolio and aims to enhance the passenger journey for premium class travellers.

It features a single-plate table, 4.5-inch centre armrest, a six-way adjustable headrest, a nine-inch recline with articulation, calf-rest, and privacy wings to further enhance the living space.

Weighing 10 per cent lighter than its predecessor, the PL3810 gives an airline more cabin flexibility and helps save on fuel costs, contributing to more sustainable fleet operations.

In addition to the new PL3810, RECARO booth guests have been experiencing the comfort of its CL3810 economy class seat and the CL6720 business class seat.

The PL3810 premium seat is the newest addition to RECARO’s portfolio

The RECARO Innovation Station is also part of the booth and features a variety of initiatives, including the ‘R Horizon’ concept which features a business class seat with integrated smart cabin technology.

Created with partners from various industries, the R Horizon is outfitted with a new trim and finish of wood and marble.

Sustainability is also a key concept being showcased at the booth, with RECARO placing a spotlight on its ‘R Sphere’ seat concept which was established as a result of a recent lifecycle assessment.

‘R Sphere’ was created with lightweight and recyclable materials including cork, wood, fishing nets and cactus. The aim of the project is to develop a model and gather feedback from it that will be used to make future RECARO products more sustainable.

Also highlighted at the RECARO booth is the front row monument, which can be built in-house at the company’s competence centre in South Africa, and the newest version of RECARO’s best-selling SPRINT seat.

Dr. Mark Hiller, chief executive of RECARO Aircraft Seating and RECARO Holding, said: “With each seat order we receive, from economy to business class, RECARO is tasked with helping airlines build a better passenger experience.

“AIX is an important part of that process, as we greatly value the feedback on our seats that we receive from our partners, customers and suppliers.”

The ‘R Sphere’ seat concept was created with lightweight and recyclable materials such as cork, wood, fishing nets and cactus

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