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Rosen Aviation to use Qualcomm IFE processors

Rosen Aviation display screen
photo_camera Rosen Aviation display screen (File picture)

Oregon-based IFE and cabin electronics firm Rosen Aviation has announced a collaboration with  semiconductor manufacturer Qualcomm Technologies, to use its CS8550 Processor in Rosen Aviation’s cabin technology.

This upgrade will mean improved picture quality and rendering capabilities, smart functions, dynamic system architectures, and will also ‘significantly’ reduce the power consumption as well as weight of displays and other cabin technologies, improving aircraft efficiency.

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A new product line being developed by Rosen Aviation is next-generation IFE displays with advanced processing, connectivity and networking capabilities.

Lee Clark, Senior Vice-President Strategy at Rosen Aviation said: “We knew the direction we needed to head, we simply didn’t have the right tools or the right collaborator to get us there as quickly as we wanted.

“Now, through support and collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, we’re not only going to exceed our own expectations from a capability standpoint, but time to market as well. We’ve already begun developing the next generation hardware and software, and have radical approaches to IFE system architecture that will ultimately change what’s possible in an aircraft cabin.”

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