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Safran Seats develops range of designs for safe travel post-Covid-19

Safran Seats: Travel safe post-covid-19 health and safety measures, social distancing

Safran Seats has developed a range of designs called ‘Travel Safe’, which have been created around three families of objectives: social distancing without loss of density, touchless interactions and virus-free surfaces.

When it comes to social distancing on board aircraft, Travel Safe offers equipment such as a Ringfence, which is a simple removable partition that isolates neighbouring passengers.

Other designs that have been developed include touchless interaction equipment for touchless door actuation or pedal actuation of backrest recline.

Finally, the company’s virus-free surfaces solution incorporates a wide set of coatings for seats and tray tables, which facilitates disinfection and cleaning.

Safran Seats has also developed a new co-creation service to customers, called ‘Create with Safran Seats’. This service is specifically designed “to envision, create, assess and converge on new solutions for airlines in a short period of time”.

The company has said this offer will lead to customised seats adapted to the post-Covid-19 travel context.

Safran Seats and transportation technology company Universal Movement have also announced an exclusive partnership.

They will be offering the Interspace equipment, which improves premium economy passengers comfort when travelling by utilising two easily-deployable padded wings that fold out from the seatback.

The pair is also working on an equipment adaptation called Interspace Lite, which gives airlines flexibility to easily reconfigure their economy cabins, by providing delineation and privacy between passengers by locking out either the central or outboard seats of a row.

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Image courtesy of: Safran Seats

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