Textron Aviation announces ACA cabin ionisation system retrofit

Textron Aviation Cessna Citation XLS+Interior

Textron Aviation has announced that the Aviation Clean Air (ACA) cabin ionisation system will be available for retrofit for select Beechcraft and Cessna aircraft.

The company says the system is approved for installation at Textron Aviation Service Centres on the Cessna Citation Latitude midsize jet, Citation Sovereign series and Citation Excel/XLS/XLS+ series midsize jets as well as Beechcraft King Air 300-series aircraft. Continued development is planned for other Textron Aviation aircraft models. 


“In today’s world, cabin air quality has never been more important. The ACA system enhances the capabilities of the interior environmental control system, providing an in-flight experience that’s offers peace of mind,” said Brian Rohloff, senior vice president of customer service. “We are offering this to Beechcraft and Cessna customers as an aftermarket option to provide them the reassurance of a neutralised and purified cabin.” 

Using an indication panel for easy operation, the ACA Needlepoint Bi-Polar Ionisation (NPBI) System is installed in the aircraft’s environmental control system. It emits cold plasma which allows positive and negative ions to attach to water vapour molecules in the air, causing a molecular reaction that neutralises gases, spores, viruses and bacteria. 

The system takes effect within minutes and according to ACA, tests have proven it is effective against several bacteria, spores, odours, static electricity and viruses, including Covid-19. 

Textron Aviation says the health and wellbeing of those onboard its aircraft is the company’s top priority and the company is committed to evaluating and determining the best ways to support its customers as new technologies become available.   

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