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Woolly Thinking: ‘Modulo’ knitted seating concept

photo_camera Woolmark

A collaboration from Caon Design Office and The Woolmark Company has resulted in an aircraft seating design concept known as ‘Modulo’.

Modulo’s knitted wool blend membrane concept has been designed to address issues such as weight reduction and the need for frequent cabin refreshes. With the wool fibre’s natural benefits including warmth and comfort without weight, the designer’s say that Modulo is the next step in air travel comfort ‘to challenge the status quo’ of flight travel.

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The Modulo seat pod is made from a lightweight yet robust framework of titanium, aluminium and carbon fibre. The structure underpins its fabric membrane with semi-transparent skin, shaped by advanced 3D knitting techniques to form a wool blend that is structural yet pliable.

Carbon and elastic polymers integrated into the fabric give dynamic flexibility to allow the seat to smoothly transition from an open space to a private enclosure.


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