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AirBridgeCargo and ATRAN transport medical equipment to Krasnoyarsk


AirBridgeCargo and ATRAN Airlines have announced a shipment of over 170 tons of medical equipment to Krasnoyarsk in Siberia, Russia.

The Volga-Dnepr Group air cargo carriers say they organised the transportation of the much-needed medical equipment from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk on behalf of Moscow Government.

Three freighters delivered masks, beds, mattresses and artificial respiration units to Krasnoyarsk onboard Boeing 747-8F and Boeing 737-800BCF. The cargo was then further trucked to Kyzyl in Republic of Tyva, Russia.

“During these turbulent times, we are honoured to contribute, both globally and nationally, into a common fight against COVID-19, supporting professionals with essential equipment”,  said AirBridgeCargo Airlines‘ general director Nikolay Glushnev.

“Since the outbreak, we have been working on enhancement and adjustment of our services, adapting them to strict safety measures throughout the whole supply chain, and sharpening the expertise of our specialists. Together with other carriers within Volga-Dnepr Group, we have more than three decades of experience of working under severe epidemiologic conditions in various regions of the world.”

Both carriers say they have refocused their operations to transport as much medical equipment to various regions of the world as possible, flying over 20,000 tons of dedicated healthcare cargo to combat COVID-19 and eliminate its spread over the first six months.

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