AirBridgeCargo sends historic Russian artefacts to Hong Kong for upcoming exhibition

AirBridge Cargo museum 1

AirBridgeCargo Airlines has transported more than 200 museum exhibits onboard its regular Boeing 747-8F flights from Moscow to Hong Kong.

The deliveries were organised in cooperation with ART-Сourier. Valuables from the Moscow Kremlin Museums’ collection were sent to Hong Kong to form part of an upcoming exhibition called ‘Tsar of All Russia – Holiness and Splendour of Power’, which runs from 29 May to 21 August.

The exhibition focuses on Ivan the Terrible and his successors and features exhibits dating back to the 16th and 18th centuries which rarely leave the Russian museum collections.

AirBridgeCargo Airlines general director Nikolay Glushnev commented: “We are proud to be part of the international exhibition projects, especially now when we are slowly coming back to normal life and see the revival of cultural projects which had previously been suspended.

“Our experience and expertise, competence in the transportation of art pieces, and aligned relations with reliable partners such as ART-Courier enable us to deliver valuable cargo worldwide – from artwork to jewellery and beyond.”

AirBridgeCargo noted that the successful delivery of artworks relies on robust packaging solutions. In this case, the company used wooden climate-controlled crates which met the museums’ requirements for safe transportation. The crates are produced from non-toxic and acid-free materials.

Additionally, the crates were equipped with shock sensors to guarantee cargo integrity and intactness during the flight.

AirBridge Cargo museum 2

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