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Airline Cargo Management Spring 2021 Digital Issue

Welcome to the spring 2021 issue of Airline Cargo Management. As the Covid-19 crisis continues to dominate daily life and discussions, the light at the end of the tunnel is at least firmly in sight with the ongoing global rollout of vaccines.

Our cover reflects that sentiment, and the vital role the air cargo industry is playing in transporting the vaccines. The level of co-operation, co-ordination and communication needed is no mean feat, and the industry should take pride in its efforts so far, even if it is well used to overcoming big logistical challenges.

In our cover story on page 22, we share some early success stories from across the globe. While many industry executives note that the vaccines’ global airfreight tonnage is still fairly limited, operations are expected to ramp up in the coming months, so we also evaluate the next steps and the major challenges that will need to ...