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BIFA Young Forwarders Network celebrates first year of operations

BIFA young forwarders network

The Young Forwarders Network (YFN), which launched in March 2019 and is run by young forwarders, is designed to help young BIFA members develop their knowledge and professional skills.

BIFA says that, one year on, six regional networks have been established and more than 20 networking events have been held.

According to BIFA’s training development manager Carl Hobbis, over 400 young individuals have attended the networking events that have been run to date, which gives a clear demonstration of their perceived value by the younger generation in the freight forwarding and logistics sector.

“Each event they attend – whether that is a tour or a talk from an industry professional – they return to the workplace with more knowledge, Hobbis says.

“The young people who are joining the various regional groups are improving their knowledge of the sector, trends within it, as well as building their skill sets and learning from others.”

Promoting the industry

Each networking group has a chairperson and a local organising committee, governed by at least two regional employers as well as a BIFA representative, Hobbis explains. “Less than one year since it was created, the YFN is really helping improve the promotion of the sector, making it more attractive to younger people and providing forums for them to learn.”

“We now need more employers to take heed of this opportunity by encouraging attendance at YFN events, sponsoring them and making greater efforts to promote the freight forwarding and logistics sector in their locality.”

The next Heathrow networking event will take place on 24 March in Staines, focusing on technology in the supply chain. OIA Global’s director process & technology excellence, Waldo Remijn is among the presenters, discussing how technological developments are likely to affect logistics and supply chains in the future.

Registration for the networking event is available here.

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