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SriLankan Cargo partners with to digitalise sales

SriLankan Cargo has announced a partnership with to digitalise its air cargo bookings.

The deal means that the cargo airline becomes’s first South Asian carrier.

SriLankan Cargo will provide freight forwarders using with connectivity to a global network of 37 destinations in 21 countries across Europe, the Middle East, South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Far East and Australia.

The airline leverages its direct flights to key hubs in Europe, as well as particularly strong capacity options to India and the Gulf region.

With its road and partner networks, SriLankan Cargo further expands its reach to serve over 200 destinations worldwide.

Chaminda Perera, head of cargo at SriLankan Cargo, said: “Our digital sales progression is now a key driver of our growth and is a logical expert to expedite our transition.

“We can have total confidence that every SriLankan Cargo customer will enjoy a top-class digital experience.

“It is excellent to see that our teams are already kick-starting smart initiatives to maximise our market opportunities.”

Moritz Claussen, founder and co-chief executive of, said: “We are proud to play an important role in fueling the exciting growth of SriLankan Cargo, our first South Asian carrier.

“By entering the digital market strongly with a world-class, customer-centric sales channel, SriLankan Cargo is best placed to leverage its valuable strengths and deliver for many more forwarders globally.”

From Summer 2024, freight forwarders using can book SriLankan Cargo capacity, for both general cargo and perishables, across its entire network including destinations such as London, Frankfurt, Paris, Chennai, Delhi, Singapore, Shanghai, Canton, Tokyo, Melbourne, and Sydney.

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