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Etihad Cargo boosts belly-hold cargo capacity for winter

Etihad Cargo
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Etihad Cargo has announced significant expansion plans for its winter 2023 schedule, introducing new routes and increased flight frequencies, resulting in a substantial boost in belly-hold cargo capacity.

Etihad Cargo’s winter schedule will feature the introduction of 29 weekly passenger flights to new destinations and an increase of 90 passenger flights to existing routes.

This expansion will result in a total of 119 passenger flights per week, providing customers and partners with access to cargo capacity onboard passenger aircraft in addition to scheduled freighter flights.

The expansion includes the addition of cargo capacity to two new European gateways – Copenhagen in Denmark and Düsseldorf in Germany. Furthermore, the airline will operate four passenger flights per week to Copenhagen.

Additionally, three weekly passenger flights to Düsseldorf and three more to Munich will increase the total number of flights for Germany to 28 per week, including four freighter services for Frankfurt.

Due to high demand, the three weekly passenger flights to Lisbon, initially introduced for the busy summer months, will be extended and operated during the winter schedule.

Key routes will also see additional cargo capacity through increased passenger flight frequencies, such as four additional flights to Rome (totalling 11 per week) and three additional flights to both Madrid and Milan (each with 10 weekly flights).

Etihad Cargo’s commitment to the Asian market will also see a significant expansion with new routes and increased frequencies. The airline will operate five passenger flights per week to Osaka, marking a second Japanese gateway destination.

Additionally, three more flights to Beijing and four more flights to Shanghai per week will provide increased cargo capacity and strengthen the Chinese network.

To meet the growing cargo capacity demand in the Indian market, Etihad Cargo will offer more belly-hold cargo capacity across new passenger routes to Kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram, operating seven flights per week to each destination.

Furthermore, seven new passenger flights to Chennai, supported by a twice-weekly freighter service, will bring the total number of weekly flights to 21.

Etihad Cargo will also introduce eight additional flights to Kochi, two new flights to Islamabad, seven more flights to the Maldives, five additional flights to Cairo, and seven more flights to Phuket per week, providing customers and partners with additional belly-hold cargo capacity and options when transporting goods to these key Asian destinations.

Additionally, the airline will introduce seven direct flights to Colombo per week

Mohammad Al Bulooki, chief operating officer at Etihad Airways, said: “Etihad Cargo’s partners and customers will benefit from additional belly hold cargo capacity and improved connectivity to key markets with the launch of the carrier’s winter schedule.

“The airline’s growing passenger network, combined with Etihad Cargo’s scheduled and charter freighter services, will boost cargo capacity across Europe, Asia and North America, strengthening the links between Abu Dhabi and key global markets and ensuring Etihad Cargo can meet increased demand for cargo capacity.

Etihad Cargo remains committed to achieving growth, adding depth to the carrier’s network and remaining the air cargo partner of choice through the continuous evaluation of its network and enhancement of its eight-strong premium product range.”

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