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Levu achieves Latin American ‘milestone’ with A321F partnership

Levu Air Cargo (Levu) has signed a dry-lease agreement with Latvia-based ACMI, cargo, and charter provider SmartLynx Airlines for one of its A321F.
photo_camera Levu Air Cargo, SmartLynx Airlines, A321F.

Levu Air Cargo (Levu) is to dry-lease an A321 freighter in an agreement with Latvia-based ACMI, cargo, and charter provider SmartLynx Airlines.

The agreement makes Levu the first company in Latin America to operate this type of aircraft.

A dry-lease of SmartLynx Airlines’ A321F recently arrived in Recife, Brazil, to begin the registration process under the National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil.

The aircraft previously operated for DHL Aviation in partnership with SmartLynx Airlines.

The A321 is a widely used passenger aircraft model in Brazil and Latin America. However, the A321-200PCF version is a recent addition to the freighter market.

Edvinas Demenius, chief executive of SmartLynx Airlines, said: “Our partnership with Levu marks a significant milestone, not only for the Brazilian aviation market with the introduction of the first A321F registered in the country and region, but also for SmartLynx as we extend our cargo capacity management services to Latin America.

“This important step is a part of our strategic efforts to expand our geography and we see much potential in this region.”

Rodrigo Pacheco, chief executive of Levu Air Cargo, said: “We specifically sought out SmartLynx due to their extensive knowledge of the aircraft as they are the biggest operator for A321F in the world today.

“Their partnership with DHL in Europe makes the learning curve much more efficient for us as we will operate for the DHL supply chain here in Brazil.

“This strategic decision helps us deliver top-notch performance and ensures the best results for our valued customers.”

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