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Moonware aims to ‘revolutionise’ ground operations with AI-powered software


Tech startup Moonware is looking to transform aviation ground handling operations with its flagship product, HALO.

The software platform, referred to as an ‘airside OS’, leverages the use of advanced AI features to automate and assign tasks, intelligently matching ground crew and GSE to efficiently service flights.

By using real-time flight data and implementing automated dispatches, Moonware state that HALO intelligently navigates ground crew in the airfield, enabling optimised aircraft handling from touchdown to takeoff.

Javier Vidal, chief executive at Moonware, said: “Our technology has the potential to revolutionise the way aircraft are serviced and turnarounds are handled, resulting in a more efficient and sustainable airport experience.”

Real-time data is crucial for HALO’s ability to redistribute staff and assets during last-minute schedule changes, a feature that Moonware says is absent in existing operations.

According to the startup, part of the software’s core functionality relies on the concept of ‘on-demand’ models for task allocation. HALO dispatches crew and GSE as needed, adapting to real-time changes in the airfield. The software optimally streamlines the airfield, effectively minimising aircraft dwell time at the gate and significantly reducing turnaround times. HALO’s value lies in its ability to liberate airport stands and reduce congestion, enabling safer operations and enhancing the overall efficiency of flight processes.

Moonware states that its objective is to enhance HALO by integrating autonomous GSE, thereby achieving comprehensive airside safety. With the use of autonomous pushback tugs, for example, airports can eliminate the risk of disastrous incidents resulting from human errors during pushback or taxiing activities.

Moonware is currently working with industry leaders to bring its technology to market, and says its mission is to enable the next generation of aerial mobility with automated and sustainable airfields.


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