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Team Global Express announces $480m partnership with Texel Air Australasia

Team Global Express aircraft
photo_camera Credit: Team Global Express

Australian logistics solutions company Team Global Express has launched a $480 million, seven-year partnership with trans-Tasman cargo airline Texel Air Australasia, enhancing its domestic air freight operations.

As part of the partnership, four Boeing 737-800 BCF (Boeing Converted Freighter) aircraft have been added to Team Global Express’ 40-strong fleet, replacing four older planes and marking the first to feature the company’s branded livery.

Team Global Express states these new freighters will boost cargo capacity, increase delivery efficiency and reliability, supporting 59 Australian jobs, with 39 based in Queensland.

The Boeing 737-800 BCFs offer a 4,000kg increase in cargo per flight and a multi-pallet configuration, catering to the express and e-commerce freight market.

Team Global Express claims that its extensive intermodal network – spanning rail, road, air, and sea – ensures 95% of Australia receives deliveries within 48 hours. The company operates 520 weekly domestic flights, with 430 servicing regional areas.

The new aircraft will enable more parcels to be delivered on regional routes with prioritised schedules, including additional morning pickups in locations such as Port Hedland, Norfolk Island, and Karratha.

Team Global Express says this partnership enhances the reliability of the existing schedule, accommodating larger shipments and tighter deadlines, ultimately facilitating more overnight deliveries for regional customers.

Furthermore, the Boeing 737-800 BCFs have an increased fuel efficiency of 5% compared to the aircraft they replace, which contributes towards lowering Team Global Express’ overall fuel consumption and its mission to become Australia’s most sustainable logistics company.

Christine Holgate, chief executive of Team Global Express Group, said: “In a country as vast as Australia, air freight plays a vital role in connecting distant cities and transporting essential goods such as lifesaving medications, perishable goods, machinery equipment and livestock.

“Team Global Express moves over 100 million items each year across its multimodal network, and our point of difference is that we can rally our whole network during disruptive events such as inclement weather to get our customers’ freight where it needs to be.

“We’re excited to partner with Texel to enhance our customers’ domestic air freight experiences through greater network capabilities, good value pricing, and community and environmental benefits in the form of quieter, more fuel-efficient operations.

“The new planes contribute towards a 20% improvement in cargo capacity, which creates a greater carbon saving per parcel.

“This partnership supports our new e-commerce product, which offers customers unrivalled speed across a single network.

Team Global Express is proud to deliver at least one day faster across Australia than any other parcel operator, and we’re confident the new Boeing 737-800 BCFs will enable tighter delivery timeframes via our air routes.”

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