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Unilode and OnAsset deploy airborne IoT network on digital ULDs

Unilode Aviation Solutions has upgraded its digitally enabled unit load device (ULD) fleet network to include in-flight tracking capabilities.

The company has more than 120,000 digital ULDs built upon a global network of OnAsset Intelligence’s ‘SENTRY IoT’ gateways installed at airports, repair stations, freight forwarder warehouses and trucks. The new IoT network extends to the aircraft itself.

“Everything in the supply chain is becoming connected, and Unilode is leading the charge,” said OnAsset Intelligence’s CEO Adam Crossno. “Extending real-time visibility to the aircraft itself, during flight and ground operations, is a real game changer because we can provide critical operational visibility at the very edge where it counts most.

“We can now deliver seamless location, status and chain-of-custody visibility across all aspects of the aviation supply chain, and that’s never been possible before. This is an evolution two decades in the making.

“The key to digital enablement is a great network, and that is what we’ve built in partnership with Unilode. This network supports digitised ULDs, intelligent warehouses, piece-level cargo tracking, ground support equipment tracking and 3rd party devices via our ‘Managed Interoperability’ offering. We are able to support the industry at large, with visibility in all phases of the process, and we are eager to continue our long legacy of innovation together.”

Unilode Aviation Solutions’ CEO Ross Marino commented: “We are excited to upgrade Unilode’s ULD reader network to the new SENTRY 600 gateway which will allow us to enhance our global network reach and reliability, and enable us and our customers to reap all benefits of our digital solutions in the years to come.

“Unilode is committed to improving the data capture to promote more efficient operations and increase asset availability by reducing missing, lost, and idle ULDs which drive up inefficiencies and costs, and to enable airlines to realise additional revenue stream opportunities. All of Unilode’s ULD management customers receive these upgrades free of charge as part of our continued focus on improving our ULD service levels and delivering on our digital promises.”

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