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Ceva Logistics rolls out CargoWise across network

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Ceva Logistics has commenced the rollout of CargoWise, the integrated logistics execution platform.

With this strategic investment, Ceva Logistics will simplify and standardise all 4PL operational processes across its global network. CargoWise will be implemented over the course of the next five years, as part of a planned process, replacing multiple legacy systems and delivering greater efficiency within the business.

Ceva Logistics’ CEO, Mathieu Friedberg, said: “By implementing CargoWise, Ceva Logistics will further improve productivity and efficiency as we strive to lead the way in multi-modal forwarding and contract logistics operations. Thanks to its experience across the transport and logistics sector, CargoWise is the right choice to provide this new digital platform. Ceva Logistics recently invested to improve the customer journey and this implementation allows us to develop a high-level employee journey as well.”

The switch to CargoWise will enable Ceva Logistics teams around the globe to have real-time visibility of freight forwarding and customs actions on a single platform. As a purpose-built solution, CargoWise gives employees access to the same information in a single database across all functions, offices, countries and languages, furthering the Ceva Logistics digital transformation.

By the end of 2022, 50 per cent of all Ceva Logistics locations will be fully operational on the CargoWise platform with the whole project completed and deployed by 2025.

The move to CargoWise is a part of Ceva Logistics’ IMPACT 2020 plan which aims to both grow the business and improve operational efficiency. Other recent investments as part of that plan include the purchase of a majority stake in AMI Manica in Africa and the launch of the MyCEVA platform for customers.

WiseTech Global Founder and CEO, Richard White, added: “We are extremely pleased to welcome CEVA Logistics to our global rollout family. This is a fantastic decision for their business and its thousands of logistics specialists.

“The world of logistics has experienced significant upheaval over the past six months with the digitisation and automation of processes critical for future success. CargoWise will empower and enable CEVA Logistics to significantly improve efficiencies across its logistics and supply chain operations and continue to build its presence and strength globally.”

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