CharterSync unveils ‘world-first’ fully digital booking and management system

CharterSync will roll out a new management system next month that it claims is the first in the world to fully digitally integrate the booking process for freight forwarders.

The updated system was unveiled by the air cargo specialist at this week’s Air Cargo Europe trade show in Hamburg.

The firm said the system offers new time-saving features that build on CharfterSync’s “reputation for driving change in the air cargo charter industry using digital disruption and innovation”.

Ed Gillett, co-founder and director of CharterSync said: “It is genuinely thrilling to unveil our new end-to-end process at Air Cargo Europe, where CharterSync was first launched.

“The new process allows us to smooth the customer pathway and bring enhanced value and efficiencies to customers.

“Aggregating all information about the booking in one place enables CharterSync to eliminate a key pain point, while removing the risk of miscommunication, mislaid documentation and human error.”

The new technology is fully integrated into CharterSync’s existing web and mobile booking platform.

The new process it offers captures and consolidates all data and documentation, aggregating it into a central ‘hub’ which can be accessed in real time by all parties via an “intuitive” booking dashboard.

Here a central repository collates key documentation such as airway bills (AWBs), permits, air cargo manifests, customs declarations, load plans, technical drawings as well as emails and other correspondence formerly conducted off-platform.

CharterSync said another “significant efficiency” will be the ability to automate and expedite the contract phase through an integration with PandaDoc, an electronic signature software tool which populates a contract template with data and client information during the booking process.

The new process was developed in response to customer feedback after the relaunch of the CharterSync charter booking platform in mid-2022.

Continues said: “This game-changing development in the booking management process will benefit all our clients – whether managing a time-critical flight where every second counts, or longer-term projects where meticulous planning is required with multiple documents and diagrams.

“It will complement other recent enhancements to the platform such as live flight tracking via our RocketRoute integration, which allows freight forwarders to monitor the aircraft’s position across any phase of their booking while providing total visibility into how their charter is tracking against its schedule.”


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