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Coronavirus: FedEx takes part in critical mission to fight outbreak

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FedEx Express took part in a special mission to fight the coronavirus outbreak, led by the White House, the US Department of Health & Human Services and the Federal Emergency Management Agency on 21–22 March.

The mission was set up to help the US government move covid-19 test specimens quickly from more than 50 remote drive-thru testing centres at major retailers across 12 states.

FedEx Express dedicated 28 flight legs as well as specialised pick-up and delivery operations for the mission and used its patented SenseAware technology and monitoring to help safely transport the test specimens to 10 different labs.

The Department of Health and Human Services aided in collecting, packaging and sealing test sample boxes with the SenseAware devices before they were shipped using the FedEx Express First Overnight with Priority Alert monitoring for delivery by 8 a.m. the next day.

FedEx Express says it will continue to provide support seven days a week as more remote testing centres come available across the country.

We have a great responsibility in these unprecedented times to do what we do best—mobilise our network quickly to help the communities where we live and work,” said president and chief operating officer of FedEx Corp, Raj Subramaniam.

“As the world’s largest cargo airline, we have the ability to flex our operations in some of the most challenging of circumstances. By swiftly taking action to stand up this special operation, we are playing an important role in advancing the speed of delivery for these critical test samples.”

Relief efforts

FedEx has worked with governments, non-profits, suppliers and retail customers to proactively help with coronavirus crisis since January.

This includes efforts such as collaboration with agencies to move over a million covid-19 test kits to cities in the US and working with humanitarian aid organisations to deliver 250,000 N95 masks and other personal protective equipment to community health centres and free clinics as part of the FedEx Cares “Delivering for Good” initiative.

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