LATAM to continue transport of free Covid-19 vaccines in its domestic markets throughout 2021

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LATAM Airlines Group has said it will continue to transport vaccines at no cost within the countries it operates throughout 2021 as part of its ‘Solidarity Plane’ programme.

To date, the group has transported more than 23.7 million Covid-19 vaccines within South America, through more than 300 flights in the domestic markets of Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Peru.

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More difficult places to access such as Easter Island, the Galápagos Islands and Iquitos in Peru have been reached. In Brazil, LATAM said doses have been transported to all states.

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After the arrival of the first shipments of vaccines to the region in December 2020, LATAM made the free transport of doses available to the authorities of the governments of the countries where it has domestic operations.

Under the Solidarity Plane programmes, more than 480 tons of medical supplies have been transported, benefiting Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru. At the same time, more than 1,400 organs and tissues were mobilised within South America and the transfer of stem cells was carried out for ten people with blood cancer, LATAM said.

In passenger transport, more than 1,300 health professionals were able to travel “to meet different needs related to Covid-19 in the countries that LATAM operates with domestic flights”.

Through LATAM Cargo, the group has transported more than 48 million vaccines to South America and within the countries in which it operates.

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