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AEI receives approval in Indonesia for 737-800SF freighter conversion

Inside AEI's 737-800 freighter conversion

Aeronautical Engineers (AEI) has received approval from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DgCA) for the Republic of Indonesia for its STC (ST02690LA) for the 12-pallet position 737-800SF freighter conversion.

Earlier this month, AEI received approval from the Civil Aviation Authority of Malaysia (CAAM), and the company has already gained approvals from the FAA, CAAC, EASA, TCCA, UK CAA, CAACI (Cayman Islands) DCA (Guernsey) and ANAC for the 737-800SF.

“We are expanding our foreign approvals process to ensure our leasing customers can place their AEI freighters in any country around the world,” stated AEI’s president Roy Sandri. “This is time consuming yet valuable work, and I would like to thank our vice president of engineering, Eric Wildhagen, and his team for making this process smooth and efficient.”

AEI said it was currently the only conversion company to have ETOPS 180 approval on the 737-800 freighter conversion.

Additionally, AEI can convert all 737-800 line number aircraft including those with flat aft pressure bulkheads, and split scimitar winglets.

The AEI converted 737-800SF freighter offers a main deck payload of up to 52,700lbs (23,904 kg) and incorporates eleven full height 88” x 125” container positions, plus an additional position for an AEP/AEH. The conversion also incorporates new floor beams aft of the wing box, an 86” x 137” main cargo door with a single vent door system.

Containers can be loaded into the aircraft a full 16.5” aft of the forward door jamb, ensuring ground operators have sufficient manoeuvring room which minimises potential door and aircraft strikes, AEI said.

The AEI 737-800SF includes a flexible Ancra cargo loading system, a rigid 9g barrier, five supernumerary seats as standard, a galley, and full lavatory.

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