PML Kenya to improve cool chain management with new vacuum cooler system

MTU Maintenance

PML Kenya has invested US$300,000 in a new vacuum cooler system designed to provide customers with an affordable and efficient temperature control measure to improve cool chain management.

The new ‘Weber Next Gen EU8 EP’ vacuum cooler is said to extend the life of products by 2-7 times longer than regular cooling methods. The system cools products from 20-30°C to 1-5°C in 15-30 minutes and has a maximum capacity of 4,000kg, PML said.

MTU Maintenance

Based at Mitchell Cotts Air Cargo Terminal at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi, the cooler is located so as to provide both landside and airside access. Customers can deliver products landside, have them vacuum cooled and then stored in cold rooms. The already cooled shipments can then be seamlessly delivered to the aircraft (airside) directly from the cold stores within the shortest possible time frame, reducing exposure times and effectively maintaining the cool chain to maximise shelf life, PML explained.

PML Kenya is anticipating increased business from both existing and new small holder shippers and growers. The equipment was launched on 12 January and is already in use.

In the long term, PML Kenya said it would continue to invest in technology to further enhance its cool chain management credentials and is looking to install a blast chiller at the same facility, offering a cooling system for products that arrive on site hot but which don’t qualify for vacuum cooling.

“Investing in future perfect technology has always been part of the PML ethos, as is delivering a superior level of customer service to our customers,” said PML Kenya’s group director Silas Kashindi. “This latest investment is a perfect example of our ongoing commitment to providing a best-in-class cool chain management solution to our clients and collaborating with like-minded businesses – who share our vision and values – to achieve this.”

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