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“Significant milestone” for as Qatar Airways Cargo joins digital booking platform

Qatar Airways Cargo

Qatar Airways Cargo has partnered with digital air cargo bookings platform The cargo airline’s capacities will now feature on the marketplace. said its customers can now book Qatar Airways Cargo’s capacities across many of the world’s most important markets, including North America, Europe, Japan, India and Brazil.

The carrier currently offers customers more than 60 dedicated freighter destinations and over 150 passenger destinations, with intercontinental connectivity. Across its operation, Qatar Airways Cargo utilises more than 250 aircraft (including 32 freighters), now bookable on

For freight forwarders using, the launch of Qatar Airways Cargo facilitates 2,000 new O&D pairs, and 3,000 additional flights per month.

“Our launch of Qatar Airways Cargo capacities is a significant milestone in always delivering the best possible level of choice to freight forwarders,” said founder and co-CEO Moritz Claussen.

“We are honoured to be recognised as an important distribution channel within the airline’s omni-channel strategy. Our aim is to deliver Qatar Airways Cargo the most customer-friendly way to distribute their capacity worldwide.”

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