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Virgin Atlantic Cargo to launch new product and service structure as part of digital transformation

Virgin Atlantic Cargo is to launch a new product and service structure on 26 March.

The new framework is designed to give customers more choice when booking to ensure movement is tailored towards the customer’s exact requirements, the company said.

The products and service levels will enable customers to tailor every movement by selecting the right handling, speed, priority, and price. This new structure paves the way for an intuitive booking experience, no matter the channel, Virgin Atlantic Cargo said.

For launch, each product will have a choice between one and three service levels: ‘Classic’, ‘Priority’, and ‘Express’. This combination of products and service levels allows its customers to move shipments their way.

Classic is the entry service level that “delivers all the essentials to the highest standards whilst at a competitive price”. The Priority service level includes all the essentials of Classic, but “provides a higher priority, preferred access to space and guarantees delivery on time for those important movements”. Express “offers the fastest solution, with the shortest close out times and highest priority to provide the quickest possible journey time for urgent or last-minute shipments”.

Each product group will also come with a selection of core attributes that have been tailored toward the industry’s requirements.

Virgin Atlantic Cargo’s manager of commercial development Sean Cruse said: “We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our new product and service structure.

“The logistics space is evolving quickly around how our customers want to interact, and the operational requirements needed to efficiently transport goods around the world, which is why it is important to us to provide our customers with more choice so they can move cargo, their way.

“This new structure will help our customers understand the range of capabilities we can offer across our network and allow for a tailored movement based on their exact requirements.

“It also acts as our foundation for continuous improvement, where we will be reviewing and developing our offering based on customers feedback through our established customer survey programme.”

The launch follows the airline’s recent cargo management system upgrade to Accelya’s latest SkyChain solution, internally named Voyager 7.X. The upgrade will support Virgin Atlantic Cargo’s digital transformation and will offer a multi-distribution strategy.

Virgin Atlantic Cargo’s head of distribution Maria Sanchez-Grant commented: “As we continue our digital transformation journey, this change in our products allows us to provide an intuitive experience across any channel for our customers. Having this as our foundation allows us to continually develop and enhance what we do to further improve our offering.”

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