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VRR and Jettainer celebrate 100th air horse stall delivery

ULD (unit load devices) manufacturer VRR has delivered its 100th air horse stall to Jettainer, capping a partnership that has been ongoing since 2010.

Jettainer handles approximately 100,000 in 500 locations around the world, and said it was refining its service and product portfolio “to meet the specific needs of its customers”.

VRR’s sales manager Ben Lakerveld commented: “We feel very proud that Jettainer is still coming to VRR for its containers after more than a decade of doing business. They deliver top-of-the-line services so we have to deliver top-of-the-line containers. To do so, we also have to keep listening and innovating.”

Until 2019, Jettainer bought mainly HMJ stalls from VRR. It then switched to the collapsible version, which can be folded for lower-deck transportation on return flights. Most of the horse stalls are leased to parent company Lufthansa Cargo, which provides individualised transportation for live animals.

“Every year, our customers fly a four-digit number of horses to all corners of the world,” said Lufthansa Cargo’s head of global handling performance management Marcus Bezold. “We appreciate Jettainer and VRR’s horse container solutions because they guarantee comfortable travel with minimum stress and maximum safety.”

The designs of VRR’s air horse stalls rely heavily on input from equine transporters, and Lufthansa Cargo is among the collaborators. VRR said the airline’s experience in transporting horses by air has helped it over the years to engineer containers like the HMR and HML.

“The collaboration with VRR is exceptional and their products meet latest standards,” said Jettainer’s director global operations Frank Mühlenkamp. “What we like about the collapsible horse stall is that it cuts down the cost of empty ULD repositioning without compromising the well-being of the horses. It really helps us and our customers maximise fleet utilisation.”

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