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Live and online: Airline Cargo Management, Summer 2021

Airline Cargo Management Summer 2021
Airline Cargo Management Summer 2021
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Welcome to the Summer 2021 issue of Airline Cargo Management.

In life, we might not always know where we are going, or have any idea how to get there. Sometimes things work out; sometimes they don’t.

In the world of logistics, there is no such lack of clarity: the entire chain of events and happenings is planned in as much detail as possible (although that’s not to say that things don’t sometimes go wrong).

But the logistics industry is changing fast as a result of globalisation and regionalisation, because of the impact of Covid-19, and as the growth of e-commerce continues. Our cover story looks at the vitally important role air cargo transport is playing within the industry, featuring comment and insights from experts at four major global logistics companies.

An exciting range of air cargo experts have also contributed to the latest instalment of our series looking at how Covid-19 vaccines are being transported around the world. Few could have had any idea 18 or so months ago that the human race would be going in the direction of a lengthy global pandemic; but hopefully we can say in due course that air cargo’s contribution to the vaccine rollout programme worked out well.

The focus this time is on whether the lessons learned from Covid-19 vaccine transport operations can be translated to the wider pharmaceuticals and healthcare cargo sector in the future, given that there has been unprecedented collaboration and that a number of remarkable innovations have been introduced in response to the crisis.

This issue also features a new regular section called ‘Industry voices’ in which air cargo leaders and subject matter experts share their views on a range of topics. TIACA director general Glyn Hughes and Etihad Aviation Group’s Martin Drew are among the first commentators.

Other regular sections and features round out the issue; I hope you enjoy reading it – and that in some small way it helps you get to where you are currently going, even if that just means helping you to do your job a little bit better.

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