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Lufthansa Cargo launches premium Covid-19 distribution service

Lufthansa Cargo Pharma Hub Frankfurt

Lufthansa Cargo is launching a premium product specifically developed for the transport of Covid-19 vaccines.

Called ‘Covid-19 Temp Premium’, it will be bookable as of 11 January 2021. According to Lufthansa Cargo, it offers “a high level of comprehensive and personalised customer service along the travel chain”.

This includes monitoring of vaccine shipments throughout the entire process and 24/7 after sales support. Covid-19 Temp Premium also includes high priority capacity access, offering the company’s fastest speed option as well as temperature, security and bookability throughout the entire Lufthansa Cargo network.

Lufthansa Cargo noted that it was already able to transport Covid-19 vaccines, having set up a dedicated task force earlier in 2020.

“The distribution of temperature- and time-sensitive pharmaceuticals is extremely demanding. We were one of the first airlines to specialise in the transport of medical goods and pharmaceuticals and can therefore draw on many years of experience,” said Lufthansa Cargo’s CEO Peter Gerber.

“Thanks to the recent expansion of our ground infrastructure, we can also handle larger volumes and transport them worldwide while supporting our customers to maintain the cold chain.

“In 2019, we transported around 100,000 tons of pharmaceuticals. We are ready to make another important contribution to overcoming the pandemic by distributing the vaccines worldwide.”

Lufthansa Cargo’s capabilities

For the transport of pharmaceuticals, three temperature ranges (based on the ambient temperature) are available in airfreight, Lufthansa Cargo stated. These are: controlled room temperature for shipments with transport temperature range of +15°C to +25°C; cool storage for shipments with transport temperature range of +2°C to +8°C; and deep frozen storage for shipments with transport temperature range of -10°C or below.

Vaccine ready: This video outlines the Lufthansa Cargo CEIV-pharma certified network

“By using special refrigerated containers and means, such as dry ice, the most diverse requirements of pharmaceutical manufacturers can be met,” the company said. “Accordingly, Lufthansa Cargo also has experience with transports in the ultra-frozen range (-70°C).

“The specific packaging, transport, handling and storage requirements of the various Covid-19 vaccines, and the quantities to be transported, by which routes and over which periods of time, are partly still open. The actual transport routes of the vaccines depend largely on the future production sites for approved vaccines and the respective recipient markets. With its current freighter fleet of 18 aircraft, Lufthansa Cargo is able to respond flexibly to shifts in demand. If necessary, the provision of additional belly capacity can also be examined.

“As a carrier, Lufthansa Cargo provides its customers with capacity for transporting goods from airport to airport. The carrier uses the global network of its own freighter aircraft as well as the flights of Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines and Eurowings that are open for cargo. Clients consist of air freight forwarding companies.

“For the handling of goods at the airports, the airfreight subsidiary organises the necessary ground infrastructure. Even before the pandemic, Lufthansa Cargo already invested heavily in its temperature control facilities, including the new Lufthansa Cargo Pharma Hub Munich as well as the recently extended and upgraded Lufthansa Cargo Pharma Center Chicago at O’Hare International Airport.

“Furthermore, with its pharmaceutical hubs and up to 200 other stations with Active Temp Control or Passive Temp Support services worldwide, Lufthansa Cargo has one of the world’s largest airline pharmaceutical networks. 30 of these stations are already CEIV Pharma-certified. As a global standard, the certification demonstrates that the facility meets strict criteria for the proper handling and storage of pharmaceutical shipments. The International Air Transport Association developed the IATA CEIV Pharma standard, together with pharmaceutical forwarding companies and airlines, in order to harmonise quality requirements across industries.

“With its own high quality standards, Lufthansa Cargo was one of the first airlines worldwide to be CEIV-Pharma certified and is continuing to expand its network of certified stations worldwide.”

*Last week, Aviation Business News ran a five-part web series called Ready for a vaccine, in association with Peli BioThermal, looking at how company’s from across the industry spectrum are preparing to distribute Covid-19 vaccines.

All parts are available to read: part one features Pharma.Aero and IAG Cargo, part two features Peli BioThermal, part three features Finnair Cargo, part four features Etihad Cargo and part five features Delta Cargo and DoKaSch.

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