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Menzies LAX adds TVM solution and boosts Griley Air Freight’s operations

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Menzies Aviation, ground handler at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), has implemented a Truck Visit Management (TVM) solution, transforming the operations of Griley Air Freight.

As one of the early adopters of the system, Griley Air Freight states it saw immediate improvements in reduced waiting times for import pickups and export drop-offs. This not only resulted in cost savings but also contributed to environmental sustainability by minimising fuel consumption and emissions.

Waiting times at LAX average between two and a half to six hours, and reaching up to eight hours during peak periods. This challenge affects all stakeholders involved in cargo transportation. However, Menzies’ implementation of Nallian’s TVM solution has alleviated this issue for Griley Air Freight.

Alfonso Munoz, vice president of Griley Air Freight, said: “When Menzies implemented Nallian’s TVM solution, we immediately saw the impact and waited on average three to four hours less.”

The solution’s real-time data provides insights into Griley Air Freight’s operations, allowing it to make data-driven decisions. Recurring pickup requests and automated notifications further enhances the efficiency. Additionally, the solution supports commitment to green initiatives by reducing truck idling time.

The integration enables Menzies to facilitate time slot bookings for freight pickups and drop-offs. Dispatchers utilise an online booking form to request time slots and provide freight details, while drivers self-register upon arrival using the digital front desk to activate their bookings.

Griley Air Freight states that dispatchers have welcomed the system as it simplifies their tasks by allowing them to conveniently submit requests, monitor real-time assigned time slots, track the progress of each request, and make necessary adjustments.

Jean Verheyen, chief executive of Nallian, said: “Our TVM solution is helping cargo handling agents, freight forwarding and trucking companies across the globe to streamline their freight management. We’re proud to have innovative companies such as Menzies Aviation and Griley Air Freight embrace our technology.”

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