Silk Way West ready for large-scale transportation of Covid-19 vaccines

Silk Way
MTU Maintenance

Silk Way West Airlines has signed a number of contracts in preparation for the delivery of temperature-sensitive cargo, including Covid-19 vaccines.

The air cargo company said supplies would be safely delivered to specially equipped warehouses, where they will be handled by specially trained personnel.

MTU Maintenance

Processes have been optimised, the company said, while new logistics technologies have been introduced and the 1,500sq m cargo terminal at the Heydar Aliyev International Airport in Baku modernised. Silk Way West Airlines said the refrigeration and freezer warehouse area had been inspected and upgraded.

The company said it had already operated more than 100 charter flights to deliver a range of medical supplies during the pandemic.

“We hope that the promptness of the delivery of the Covid-19 vaccines will contribute to the early return to a normal daily life for people all over the world,” said Silk Way West Airlines’ vice president global cargo logistics Aydin Huseynov.

“I can confidently say that Silk Way West Airlines is fully ready to meet the global challenge of large-scale transportation of vaccines, as well as other types of cargo that require special temperature control. At the same time, internal procedures are being adapted in accordance with the GDP (Good Distribution Practice) standard, which is based on principles adopted by the EU and recommended by the World Health Organization.”

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