Air Cargo Management

TMSfirst implements CHAMP ‘Traxon Premium Tracking’ solution

Cloud-based logistics platform TMSfirst has signed a contract with IT solutions provider CHAMP for its transport management system provider service.

The ‘Traxon Premium Tracking’ solution will allow TMSfirst users to register interest in a shipment and receive automatic status updates through its life cycle.

TMSfirst’s CEO Tim Sensenig said: “As a TMS supplier for customers across the supply chain – tracking is an integral part of gaining new business.

“Our customers expect the kind of stability and structure of Traxon Premium Tracking for TMSfirst to deliver visibility, pro-active alters and freight lane analytics.”

TMSfirst said ‘Premium Tracking’ enables “high visibility with a single data sharing point for all parties involved in an air waybill shipment, reducing the overhead of bilateral tracking”.

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