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U-Freight Group: Innovation crucial for forwarders hit by coronavirus

Hong Kong-based U-Freight Group says its operations around the world are working “as normally as possible” as it seeks innovative solutions to overcome the challenges of managing supply chains hit by the coronavirus.

The global freight forwarder and logistics group says that, whilst capacity reductions are a reality, freighter and passenger airline capacity is adjusting to the new market.

The group has a network of five regional distribution centres in China, with sales offices across the country, and says it has been encouraged by the fact that China is likely to get close to full production by the end of March.

The company is also seeing an increased number of freighter flights in the market, which are helping ease the outbound China capacity strain but says demand for products made in China will be affected by events in countries that source from the People’s Republic.

Innovative thinking

U-Freight Group CEO Simon Wong explains the company’s global offices are following advice provided by local authorities and that an increasing number of its staff are operating from home within the scope of business continuity plans.

According to the company, it was the first freight forwarder to offer track and trace via the internet and one of first overseas foreign freight and logistics companies to gain an A-class operator’s licence in China.

“Given the fact that regional restrictions and freight capacity are out of our control, now is the time for the innovative thinking that has characterised U-Freight’s 50 year history”, Wong notes.

“Just last week we saw an example of that innovation. When air cargo capacity fell dramatically, we arranged immediately a charter flight on one of our most important trade lanes from Hong Kong to Manila, accommodating urgent shipments from our important customers, which arrived in Manila before the city went into lockdown.”

U-Freight advises customers with any queries regarding their cargo flow management to contact their usual U-Freight representatives who will keep them informed on operational continuity plans.

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