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VIDEO: How Hactl has prioritised sustainability progress

Hactl sustainability video

Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals (Hactl) has released a new video showcasing its environmental achievements over recent years, which can be viewed below.

Hactl said the video paid tribute to the efforts of staff members and might provide some inspiration to others in the industry.

The air cargo handler’s environmental initiatives have included conversion to LED lighting, the installation of a large solar farm on its terminal roof, and switching to electric ramp vehicles and forklifts. Hactl has also banned single-use plastics and promoted upcycling and transplanting trees to nearby schools.

The company said it now consistently recycles 90 per cent of paper, cardboard and plastics and recycles 1,000 tonnes of discarded wooden pallets every year. Its lighting energy consumption has also fallen over 30 per cent in the past decade, due to investment in energy-saving measures and the adoption of innovations resulting from collaboration with local educational institutions.

Hactl holds a ‘Green Week’ every year for external stakeholders and internal staff, encouraging them to re-think their own actions and potential contribution to sustainability. A recent highlight was a short-film competition in which staff made their own sustainability videos under the guidance of a renowned local film director, the company said.

Hactl explained that its sustainability activities and measures are now encapsulated in its ‘Green Terminal’ agenda, which informs all major business decisions and aims to position the company as the world’s most eco-friendly air cargo handling operation.

Wilson Kwong

Chief executive Wilson Kwong said the environmental achievements were realised because of the enthusiasm of staff, and are “something of which we are all very proud”.

He commented: “It would have been easy to forget about the environment during the enormous challenges of the past year, but we were determined not to allow our strong sustainability progress to falter, so have maintained our momentum with further new initiatives.

“And what we have proven time and again is that sustainability measures are not simply unwelcome extra costs: they often make sound business sense, and are also our duty as world citizens. If we care about our children, we should care for our planet.

“This video is a tribute to our team for all they have achieved, a showcase for some of our many initiatives, and – hopefully – an inspiration to others in our industry. Many small actions can make a big difference.”

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