A Guide to Container Quality

A Guide to Container Quality

Air cargo containers are vital to the successful transport of pharmaceutical products. Any let up in quality or reliability has implications for every stakeholder in the distribution chain. A vaccine stored at the wrong temperature, for example, could render it useless and mean financial and medical disaster.

Airline Cargo Management has collaborated with air cargo solutions specialist CSafe Global to produce this timely guide to the process of transporting time- and temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products with respect to container quality, highlighting the challenges and pitfalls and how to overcome them.

“Understanding what goes into building and maintaining a high-quality container is vital for every manufacturer, freight forwarder and airline to maximise reliability and minimise risk,” as CSafe Global’s chief operating officer Tom Weir puts it.

This special digital report also focuses on the technologies that go into providing end-to-end visibility of the shipments in these containers; preventative maintenance techniques that keep the containers performing at their best; and the ongoing training that ensure best practices are adhered to.
CSafe Global also provides a comprehensive guide to its air cargo fleet, which it says includes thousands of the industry’s highest-performing RKNs and RAPs. These containers offer a range of features and advantages, and full customer support is offered by the company.

This special report also represents Airline Cargo Management’s first leap into dynamic digital publications, and we see this as an exciting opportunity to complement and expand upon our existing print title and aviationbusinessnews.com website, going into more depth into specific sectors or issues, while presenting information in a stylish, easy-to-read and modern format.

I do hope you enjoy reading it and please do get in touch if you have any ideas for other subjects we could explore in these dynamic digital publications. The possibilities are endless.

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