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Aircraft Cabin Management August 2023

Not long ago, I attended the launch of a new airline in a crowded function room of a London hotel.

The new venture is to be called Global Airlines, and it’s possible you might have heard of it as it has often been in mainstream news as well as the trade press, mainly due to its founder, a young upstart named James Asquith, is far more interesting to write about than
the consortiums of private finance groups that tend to be the usual way to get expensive projects moving.

However, if I was hoping to get more detail on what the inside of Global’s fleet of A380s will look like, I was disappointed. Asquith simply said that everything would need to be ‘slam dunked’ before they’d reveal what the cabin would look like, or even confirm what the class layout would be. Originally a five-class layout was teased, with one section being kitted out with video game consoles and with screens
suspended in front of the passengers via a hoop from the headrest. This was later dropped, but what the rest of the aircraft will look like remains a mystery, at least for now.

Asquith has no reason to take lectures from the likes of me, but he’ll be aware that the transatlantic route is littered with the remains of airlines that couldn’t make a success of it. They will need to offer passengers a real point of difference to make a success of this heavily trafficked line. Deals with the Likes of Laurent Perrier are great, but we want to see what the new era of flying he has spoken about will look like.

What we do know is that a ticket on Global Airlines will be a glamorous ride whatever the class.

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