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Aircraft Cabin Management September/October 2020

Covid-19 has transformed the landscape of aviation: one ramification of this can be seen in the private jet sector, which is encroaching on commercial aerospace’s domain by attracting both high-net-worth individuals and corporate clients like never before. Our feature on page 26 talks to a number of private jet operators who are witnessing a huge increase in enquiries and bookings as passengers seek out ways of flying that are perceived as safer in these troubled times.

It’s not only the fact that people can travel in a protective ‘bubble’ with family and friends, but the way that private jets are able to use smaller hubs where reduced traffic means less potential infection from the various touch points and surfaces. Sustainability remains an important issue for these operators too; it’s particularly relevant in this context given that the sector tends to use smaller aircraft and operate on relatively short routes.

Another aspect of aviation that has been highlighted by the pandemic is the vital need to keep cabin spaces clean. On page 30 regular contributor Paul Eden talks to spokespeople from companies such as Boeing, Honeywell and BASF to discover how the cabin environment needs to be carefully controlled in order to help manage passenger expectations of safety and cleanliness.

Antimicrobials are also playing their part in keeping airline interiors pristine; take a look at page 38 to discover what the likes of FACC, Sekisui Kydex and Lonseal are currently up to when it comes to materials that help to restore consumer confidence in the wake of coronavirus. Lastly for now, our Design Update (page 18) delves into Jamco’s Blue Sky initiative, which seeks to increase cabin cleanliness and alleviate passenger stress during air travel by introducing the latest in hygienic and touchless technologies.

On a personal note, Aircraft Cabin Management will be back in December with features on baggage bins, foams and sustainability, but I’m moving on to pastures new and leave you in the eminently capable hands of my colleague, Satu Dahl. I hope brighter days lie ahead for all my contacts in the aviation industry worldwide.


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